The Hill

The Hill in Hillerød is the first residential rental property in Denmark to achieve Nordic Swan Ecolabelling. The property totals 4,767 sq.m, with 72 rental homes, which were taken into use in 2017. DEAS is responsible for administration, operation and maintenance, as well as Facility Services, for The Hill, and also had the role of client adviser for the construction of the property.



The construction of a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled property is part of PKA’s strategy to increase sustainability and environmentally friendly investments throughout the pension company's portfolio. The purpose of the official Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to reduce the total environmental and climate impact of production and consumption.

To achieve Nordic Swan Ecolabelling, a construction project must fulfil a series of detailed environmental requirements concerning such parameters as energy consumption, materials and use of chemicals – both in construction and during the property’s subsequent lifetime.


PKA therefore needed a partner to ensure fulfilment of the Nordic Swan Ecolabelling requirements – from construction to ongoing operation and maintenance. The detailed requirements make equivalent high demands of the operations manager and Facility Services employee who subsequently hold responsibility for the property.


Client consulting Operation and maintenance Facility Services 

Building consultancy

During construction, as building consultant DEAS took particular care to choose materials and solutions that meet Ecolabelling Denmark’s requirements concerning the entire product life cycle – from raw materials to disposal and recycling. This resulted in stringent control that suppliers of construction materials also met all the requirements.

Materials and solutions were chosen on the basis of such parameters as energy consumption – from production to consumption – with high priority being given to energy from renewable sources. One initiative was the installation of 100 sq.m. of solar cells on the roof, contributing to the electricity supply for communal installations.

There was also focus on ensuring a good indoor climate by using ventilation, moisture protection and the degasification of harmful chemical substances. Building materials and chemical products used in construction were also required to meet high requirements, in order to avoid substances that are harmful to the environment and health.

Operation and maintenance

Nordic Swan Ecolabelling of a building sets new requirements for how the property is operated. On completion of construction, in collaboration with PKA and an auditor from Danish Standards, DEAS was commissioned to set the framework for an operational set-up for The Hill – without any previous Nordic Swan Ecolabelled rental housing from which to draw experience.

Only Nordic Swan Ecolabelled cleaning materials are used in operations, as well as machines – such as snow sweepers and lawn mowers – that run on electricity, rather than petrol.

DEAS takes responsibility for setting the necessary requirements for its own employees, subcontractors and partners – such as cleaning companies – and ensures that Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products are used in day-to-day operations. The operations manager and caretaker from Facility Services follow up and ensure compliance with the requirements.

When a new operations manager or Facility Services employee is assigned to The Hill, the DEAS employee will attend a course in Nordic Ecolabelled products. The course is held by Ecolabelling Denmark.

When new tenants move in

New tenants moving into The Hill receive a resident’s binder that includes a list of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products for the day-to-day care and maintenance of the home. The binder also has references to a website with more information about eco-friendly products.


With the successful construction and continued operation of Denmark’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled residential rental property, PKA has achieved one of its ambitious climate goals. The PKA pension fund is also a standard bearer contributing to driving positive development within sustainable construction – an element of the climate and environmental debate that is the subject of more and more attention.

PKA’s members can be proud that they are making a difference, while the property is yielding a sound return.

The demand for environment- and climate-friendly homes is also increasing. The Hill offers residents flats that they can occupy with a clear conscience.

The Hill is a property of high quality, and the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials used are all recognised quality products that have also proved their worth in other contexts. This has made it possible to take account of the environment while also fulfilling quality requirements.

PKA’s climate strategy includes the construction of additional Nordic Swan Ecolabelled homes, like The Hill, in the future.

Energy labelling of The Hill.


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Technical Building Consultancy
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