Stigsborg Brygge

Stigsborg Brygge consists of 86 exclusive rental homes in two horseshoe-shaped buildings constructed in 2017-2018. All of the flats have a southwest-facing balcony, terrace or roof terrace, and the design ensures that every flat has the best possible view of the Limfjord. Stigsborg is centrally located in Nørresundby, in a tranquil setting close to the Limfjord.

Developer: Calum A/S


The first stage of Stigsborg Brygge was ready for occupation on 15 February 2018, followed by the second on 1 June 2018.

In the years to come, Stigsborg will evolve into a varied and attractive urban area, with homes, offices and businesses.


CALUM was the first to invest in new homes in Nørresundby's former industrial quarter close to the Limfjord. A special effort is needed to attract interested parties to live in an area that is undergoing intensive development.

DEAS was appointed to handle the task of ensuring effective first-time letting and the subsequent management of the rental homes.

The homes were built and let out in two stages, and the aim was for every home to be rented out before completion.


First-time letting Property management Inspection on occupation

DEAS, together with CALUM, set a rent level that takes account of the area’s potential development in the coming years. In addition to weekly open-house events, DEAS made sure that interested parties were able to book individual viewings. This ensured a simple and straightforward process for potential tenants, taking their busy everyday lives into account.

A focused digital marketing campaign was conducted, with its own website for the project, advertising via Facebook, classical advertisements in the printed, local media, and advertising on the DEAS’ rental portal, The press was also used to give exposure to the project and its ongoing development.


There was a lot of interest in the new homes throughout the rental process, and the customer was kept updated on its status during the entire process.

During the ongoing dialogue, in collaboration with CALUM A/S, DEAS took a proactive approach to optimising the letting activities, including by making changes to marketing and adjustments to current demand. This ensured an optimised process from start to finish.

When the second stage of Stigsborgs Brygge was inaugurated in June 2018, the flats were already rented out, so that the new residents could move into an area full of life and diversity. DEAS also handled the actual occupation process and, on the day that the new residents moved in, a number of DEAS employees conducted inspection on occupation, issued keys and helped residents to settle in.


Kim Krabbe

Senior Director
Residential Letting
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