The property was built in 1989 and consists of 212 homes, ranging from single-room homes of 35 m2 to six-room homes of 148 m2. Sandbakken is owned by PKA, who has been a client of DEAS since 1989.



PKA requested efficient management and operation of the property, which comprises a great many leases and large common areas. The ambition was to create a harmonic area with satisfied tenants.


Management Operation and maintenance Facility Services

Sandbakken consists of a great many leases and large common areas which require special focus and detailed planning to keep operational and property costs at a reasonable level. As the property consists of many leases, it is also vital to minimise vacancies. Creating a sense of community over such a large area also requires close dialogue and contact with the tenants.


DEAS performs the management, operation and maintenance of Sandbakken. Day-to-day property service is performed by DEAS’ facility services, and the property has a permanent property caretaker who provides resident service and contributes to the day-to-day operation. 

The property's associated operations manager is also in ongoing dialogue with resident representatives in order to incorporate the residents' wishes and ideas for the framework of their home. 

DEAS has a strong focus on the effective planning of maintenance work and on the operating costs of the large common areas.

The manager schedules the letting of terminated leases, performs moving inspections and renovations related to moves and preparation for new tenants as a natural part of our service.


Sandbakken is managed and operated efficiently today. DEAS is in close contact with tenants and has a strong focus on resident service.


David Green

Fund Manager
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