Sale of flats in the portfolio

Optimisation of properties with the intention of selling.

Asset management


The client’s investment strategy was to optimise a portfolio of properties in greater Copenhagen (1,082 units) with the aim of selling units to individuals, tenants and investors with an expected exit in 2020. The goal for the internal interest was to exceed 20 %. Gross value: DKK 2.2 billion.


The challenge was to work out a diversified business plan suited to the market, which was positive but stagnant. To acheive good results, this required ongoing monitoring and adjustments to the strategy - property by property. 


Business plan Yield Reporting

DEAS formed a work group who prepared and performed an action plan for the first 100 days. The main points were:

  • Structuring of sales
  • Setting up of reporting to meet the client’s needs
  • Settting up of reporting on the follow-up of the action plan (compliance)
  • Identification of opportunities for optimisation and development of operational income


The action plan was fully completed after three months. The sale of units and properties happened in accordance with the action plan. The reporting structure is final, so the investment demands a minimum of effort from the investor.