Outsourcing of laundries

Sampension's property portfolio consists of 32 commercial and residential properties that are all managed and operated by DEAS. The residential properties include both multi-storey buildings and high-density, low-rise complexes, of which the oldest was built in 1940 and the newest in 2000.



As an element of the operational optimisation of Sampension's property portfolio, in 2012 DEAS screened the properties for optimisation projects that could be achieved within a reasonable repayment term.

The focus included the residential properties' 16 laundries.


The properties' operating budgets were burdened by the operation and maintenance of the washing machines, so there was great potential for optimisation.

The need for service had also strongly increased. For some time, laundry prices had not been adjusted in line with the general price development, and therefore did not cover the costs of service and maintenance of the washing machines.

Technical development had also resulted in more technically advanced washing machines, of which the components are replaced rather than being repaired. The lifetime of the machines had also declined considerably over time. Maintenance of the laundries was therefore a disproportionally large element of the operating budgets.


Operational optimisation Supplier evaluation Supplier contracts

In order to optimise the operation of the laundries and ensure a good quality of service to the tenants, the outsourcing option was investigated. The number of suppliers offering laundry operation was very small. Potential providers had to be evaluated thoroughly to ensure fully comprehensive deliveries. DEAS investigated the market and engaged in dialogue with potential suppliers.

On behalf of the customer, DEAS has entered into an agreement with a selected supplier for the operation of the 16 laundries. The agreement is for ten years, and can naturally be renewed. The supplier has taken over responsibility for the operation of washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. as well as deliveries of detergent and fabric softener for tenants' consumption.

Under this agreement, an up-to-date, electronically controlled booking and payment system has been established, and tenants can now book laundry slots via their mobile phones and PCs.


The agreement and operational responsibility is being rolled out and this has now been established in nine of Sampension's residential properties.

Outsourcing the operation of the laundries has given significant savings on the properties' operating budgets. Sampension previously had to allocate a considerable amount per property for the operation and maintenance of the machines, and these costs have now been passed on to the supplier.

Sampension now solely defrays the costs of the maintenance of the premises.

Some of the laundries had coin-operated payment systems and in some cases, burglaries led to vandalism of building elements, machines and payment systems. Since the operation of the laundries was outsourced with a cashless system, there have been no burglaries resulting in vandalism.

The new booking and payment system has also made it easier for tenants to use the laundries.


Per Thomassen

Senior Director
Technical Building Consultancy
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