Optimising return on real estate portfolio

PenSam’s real estate portfolio in Denmark totals DKK 7-8 billion split between approx. 70% residential and 30% commercial property. The pension provider is part of the PenSam Group, whose activities include occupational pension schemes as well as banking and insurance activities with a total of 430,000 customers.



The pension provider has made a strategic decision to increase its investments in Danish properties, naturally entailing an increased focus on its investment activities.

PenSam is highly committed to offering attractive pensions to our pension customers. And key to this is optimising our returns, which we believe we can achieve by working with external partners with the right core expertise and volume to be successful,

explains Carsten Gröhn. 

Among PenSam’s focus areas are responsible investments and supporting the green transition.


Asset management Property management Operations

DEAS Asset Management helps PenSam realise its strategy through the active management of PenSam’s portfolio of especially residential properties.

The partnership gives PenSam access to the right professional, technical, legal, financial and investment expertise. 

For example, each year an asset management plan is prepared for each property based on input from our investment management and development specialists. The plan is then turned into tangible action plans for both the short and the long term. 

DEAS is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the properties, i.e. everything from basic property management services to operations, maintenance and tenant services.


By choosing DEAS and DEAS Asset Management as partners, PenSam is guaranteed professional asset management and active full-service management as a valuable basis for its decision-making. 

Efficient and stable and property management and operations are ensured – for the benefit of the properties, the tenants and PenSam.

The DEAS Group offers the whole range of real estate services and a setup which is sufficiently flexible to ensure the horizontal and vertical scalability  needed to accommodate any changes to the portfolio. 

With one point of contact, PenSam can focus on its investment activities and ensure optimised returns on its property portfolio.