Modernisation of flats

The property on Valby Langgade dates from 1930 and contains 10 stairwells. It has recently been renovated and has undergone a modernisation involving the installation of balconies, creation of penthouse homes and refurbishment of stairwells and the entry system.



Two older flats within the property had to be modernised. The flats were situated next to each other, and when the two tenants moved out at the same time, it gave rise to the opportunity for a different approach and to put particular focus on lifestyles of the future.


The modernisation of the two leases had to be rethought, allowing for an optimisation of, among other things, the division of rooms. This went beyond the traditional way of approaching modernisation, which often focuses on replacing rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom in their existing locations.

In other words, JØP was looking for a more attractive and contemporary layout.


Future-proof modernisation Space planning Minimizing maintenance

Each year, DEAS rents out approximately 6,000 flats and carries out over 350 flat modernisations. Therefore we have great insight into what tenants look for and the trends characterising the housing market. For example, the bathroom and kitchen are now important spaces for tenants, in a completely different way than when the residential properties were built in the 1930s.

Based on this insight, the core functions of the housing were swapped, i.e. bedrooms became kitchen-diners and living rooms were turned into bedrooms. This way, more light was created in the flats, as well as direct access to the new balcony from the kitchen-diner.

In addition, corridors were minimised, space was optimised and storage space increased.

Based on DEAS’s experience within operation and maintenance, the choice of modernisation materials were based on keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.


The potential for alternative improvements was fully exploited, benefiting both JØP and future tenants.

The flats have a contemporary room division, better storage options and meet the requirements of the tenants in a much better way. The flats have now been brought up to date and they reflect the general standard of the property.

This alternative approach to modernisation has resulted in substantially upgraded flats and a future-proof standard with minimal maintenance costs in the future.


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