The E/F Collective House is a distinctive 12 storey high-rise in central Aalborg. The property was built in 1954 as a commune, which it remained until 1977, when the property was divided into freehold flats. Today, the homeowners' association consists of 93 flats and 5 commercial flats on the ground floor and in the basement. DEAS has managed the association since May 1st, 2007.


The homeowners’ association’s board of directors wanted help with general property management and with a bigger task concerning property maintenance and renovation.


Property management Allocation of costs Technical building consultancy

Management needs: The board needed very close, ongoing contact with DEAS, and with this came an expanded palette of services related to management and councelling.

Allocation of costs: The greatest challenges of this project was that the maintenance obligation for the windows belonged to the owners, and the fact that the businesses in the property should not contribute to the expense. This meant that the calculation and basis for decision were not straightforward. Funding was also a challenge, as the project was very comprehensive.

Project management: The board needed a partner for technical building advice and for practical execution of the agreed changes to the facade and windows.


The board has opted for a  package. (Read more about DEAS' different solutions). With the Premium solution, DEAS has handled the general meetings in connection with the project. The tasks related to the renovation project is included in the management solution.

DEAS also helped obtain offers and engage in dialogue with several financial institutions, in order to ensure proper procedures and satisfaction for all owners.

Last but not least, DEAS' technical building department was project manager of the construction project.


The project of window replacement and facade renovation is completed, and the property’s exterior looks newly renovated.


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