Jacobsens Have

Jacobsen's Garden in Valby is owned by Lærernes Pension. The property was completed in 2016 and consists of 114 rental properties dispersed over approximately 14,500 m2. The newly built property is a part of Copenhagen's new quarter, growing out of the old Valby industrial district close to Ny Ellebjerg Station.

Lærernes Pension


Lærernes Pension requested that the property be fully let before being put into use, and wanted an efficient process during moving in and putting into operation.


Fully leased from day 1: DEAS has previously been responsible for doing initial letting for Lærernes Pension, which transpired very successfully, with a fully leased property at the completion of the construction. There were similar wishes for Jacobsen’s Have: that all apartments should be rented out prior to the handover of the building. Fully let means increased tenant satisfaction, as most people want to live somewhere where lots of other people have chosen to live.

The correct rent level: The client wanted to find the correct rent level matching the needs of the market and ensuring that letting would be complete before finished construction.


Fully let property The correct rent level

DEAS enters into the process early on and compiles an interest list at the beginning of construction. Subsequently, a marketing plan, rental procedure and marketing elements are developed, including a campaign site for the building project to ensure optimal letting. We use our own letting portal, Findbolig.nu, which exhibits which leases are available/reserved/let, for the letting process.

DEAS regularly contributes Lærernes Pension with an overview of the progress of the letting.

In collaboration with the customer, DEAS drafted a strategy for determining the rent early on in the process. We’re represented in the vast majority of areas in Copenhagen, so we have sound knowledge of where the level of rent should be.


DEAS ensured that the new property was fully let before it was put into use and managed its moving in and putting into operation.


Kim Krabbe

Senior Director
Residential Letting
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