Hotel Koldingfjord - roof renovation

Hotel Koldingfjord is part of a well-preserved and restored property located on the water’s edge at Koldingfjord. The impressive buildings, which consist of a main building, two mansions and a conference building, date from the beginning of the 20th century, while the “Skovly” building is more recent. The hotel contains 132 rooms and is also a popular conference venue.



Hotel Koldingfjord’s 100-year history puts particular requirements on the operation and maintenance of the property, and it is important for PKA to safeguard these historic buildings. In 2017, PKA therefore decided to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the roof of the main building.


The preserved property had particular renovation requirements to maintain the original look; the solution had to simultaneously meet current building requirements and the material and craftsmanship traditions of the past. In other words, it was important to preserve the classic property and its historical look, while providing an ideal framework with modern solutions and great comfort for the hotel guests.


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The materials and building methods were carefully selected with respect to the appearance and listed status of the property.

The attic above the mansard roof was insulated to optimise comfort and energy consumption on the top floor corridors.

The renovation included 20,000 new hand-moulded tiles in four shades. The variation in shades results in a very special colour scheme in sunlight, and it restores the original look of the roof.

In addition to the roof, the copper tower also underwent a thorough renovation; new copper was fitted, and the tower got a refurbished, gilded weathervane.

The roof renovation was carried out in just five months and divided into three stages, in order to take the needs of the many guests and daily operations into account.


On 26 March 2018, Hotel Koldingfjord’s iconic copper tower was lifted back into place after the sensitive restoration.

The achieved result of the renovation is, after taking great consideration of the old property, the desired result: the new roof is now very close to the original look and historical appearance. The well-planned three-stage project plan resulted in the least disruption possible for hotel guests and staff. 

Our responsibility for the unique buildings of Hotel Koldingfjord makes it important for us to have a sparring partner and advisor who understands us and has a close professional insight into our properties. This helps ensure that we can concentrate on our core business: to ensure that our guests are satisfied every day,

said Peder J. Madsen, CEO of Hotel Koldingfjord, about the collaboration with DEAS.

DEAS’s long-standing and close collaboration with Hotel Koldingfjord played a crucial role in the successful implementation and coordination of this major project. Over the years, DEAS has gained detailed knowledge of the property, its history and particularly the day-to-day operations of the hotel, resulting in an optimal process and the best possible results.

Throughout the renovation project, this close cooperation also ensured a detailed overview of the hotel’s management, and this led to confidence that the hotel’s guests, operations and staff would experience a smooth process.

DEAS also administrates Hotel Koldingfjord and is responsible for day-to-day external operations and maintenance.


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