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Hotel Koldingfjord is part of a well-preserved and restored property located on the water’s edge at Koldingfjord. The impressive buildings, which consist of a main building, two mansions and a conference building, date from the beginning of the 20th century, while the “Skovly” building is more recent. The hotel contains 132 rooms and is also a popular conference venue.



By 2014, it was clear that the hotel’s conference facilities had to be expanded. Time after time, the hotel found it necessary to turn down requests for meetings and conferences. Therefore, in 2015, the decision was made to build additional facilities and modernise the existing buildings.

The architect firm Arkitema Architects designed the framework for the extension, while DEAS was responsible for liaison with authorities, project management, procurement and the construction itself.


It was only possible to build in the period from 1 June to 12 August, as there was a reservation of the new facilities as early as mid-August, as the hotel did not want to lose revenue.

This was an extremely short time frame for a complete refurbishment and modernisation of existing conference facilities of 780 m² and an extension of 220 m².

In addition to the tight time frame, the design and work processes, materials and detailed solutions also had to take into account the status of the property as a listed building.


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The hotel’s existing conference rooms (Beech and Magnolia rooms) were both expanded by 110 m². Together with the interior refurbishment of the existing rooms and foyer, this allowed space for an additional 150 conference participants.

At the same time, the existing service building behind the conference rooms was modernised and expanded. The existing rooms and the extension were equipped with storage facilities and new technical facilities.

Alternative procedure: In order to deliver the extremely ambitious project in such a short time, DEAS decided to try unconventional methods. A partnership agreement was therefore signed between DEAS as the client advisor, Hotel Koldingfjord as the client and an ongoing project team with all the involved contractors and sub-contractors. 

This meant that the client, architect and engineers decided on the overarching framework and choice of materials, after which the tradesmen contributed all the professional solutions and building principles.

In addition, there was close collaboration with Kolding Municipality’s Urban Development Management as an advisory body and the hotel’s local building workmen.

Energy improvements: As part of the modernisation process, the energy consumption in the listed buildings was optimised. The ventilation and heating system in the two rooms was renewed and modernised, the lighting was replaced with intelligent LED lighting, and the building was insulated.


The more general description in the tender documents meant that the professionalism and creativity of the tradesman were relied upon much more than usual. This overall framework management led to significant time savings and effective solutions.

On 12 August 2015, the new conference facilities were ready to be used, two months after the tradespeople started working. The project was on time and within budget.

Throughout the project, Hotel Koldingfjord experienced safe and sure management, and believed in a good result.

In October 2016, Hotel Koldingfjord received the Kolding Municipality Award for good architecture 2016, with the following motivation:

An elegant and well-executed addition to the historical building, where the proportions, materials and details look both to the past and to the future.

Enhanced experience: With the physical framework upgraded, the capacity has nearly doubled to 350 people, and the indoor climate, comfort, sound and lighting are of top quality. Feedback from visitors has been very positive and the hotel has experienced great demand for the new, expanded conference facilities.

The optimisation of energy consumption will also benefit the hotel in terms of lower operating costs.

DEAS manages Hotel Koldingfjord and is responsible for day-to-day external operations and maintenance, so DEAS could offer advice based on extensive professional insight into the property in question.


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