Hotel Comwell Kongebrogaarden

Hotel Comwell Kongebrogaarden in Middelfart in Funen has a unique location, close to the Little Belt, below the old Little Belt Bridge. The hotel's long history dates back to the 1500s, when it served as a crossing point for the King. In 1990, the hotel was rebuilt after a major fire, and today it is leased out to Comwell, and includes 62 rooms, and 18 suites as well as conference facilities.

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Back in 1990, the bathrooms on Comwell Kongebrogaarden's first floor were installed without wetroom sealing. This led to water leakage in certain areas due to worn-down, unsealed tile grouting.


DEAS manages and handles the day-to-day external operation and maintenance of the hotel. DEAS recommended a full renovation of the 48 bathrooms to bring them in line with modern sealing requirements, and to achieve a long-term result. 

This work was so extensive that it was necessary to close the hotel during the renovation period.

To avoid a loss of revenue for the hotel, it was decided to perform the full renovations during a three-week period over Christmas and New Year, from 18 December 2016 to 8 January 2017.


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In order to perform this task within such a short period of time, DEAS decided to use a partnering agreement with which DEAS already had a good experience, including from the extension of Hotel Kolding Fjord in 2016.

Under this partnering agreement, we only defined the overall framework before the project was started up. DEAS, the main contractor O. Adsbøll & Sønner A/S, subsuppliers and Comwell then agreed that over the course of the project they would share the responsibility for finding solutions and quickly making decisions.


The renovation of the hotel's 48 bathrooms on the first floor was completed within the short time frame and the agreed closing period. On Monday, 9 January, Comwell was ready to welcome new guests and course participants to the attractive, newly renovated bathrooms.


Lars Lindegaard Olsen

Senior Project Manager
Technical Building Consultancy - Projects West
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