Helledig Properties

Helledig Ejendomme ApS owns six residential properties consisting of 48 leases, eight townhouses, and a commercial lease - mainly in central Aalborg. A total of 5,000 sq.m. These are classic properties, and DEAS' tasks concerns primarily the administrative matters.

Helledig Ejendomme ApS


The client wished to outsource management tasks due to stricter regulatory requirements, requirements of increased digitalization, a need of a better overview of finances and performance, and due to the fact that the amount of work had increased as a result of the approach taken in the property portfolio.


Property management Shared responsibility Tenant satisfaction

The first time: The owner had not previously worked with a professional property manager. The challenge was accommodate the client’s specific requests of what DEAS should manage and what the client wanted to take care of themselves. 


A flexible solution: DEAS ensures a tailored solution for Helledig Ejendomme ApS. DEAS takes care of the basic property administration, while the customer provides letting, operation and maintenance as well as modernization.

Full support on the management: DEAS performs general property management tasks. This include the provision of quarterly reporting of different nature, review of the property's conditions, educating the property's caretaker as well as providing advice on e.g. apartment modernization. All administrative matters follows DEAS' standards and procedures, which DEAS' other 25,000 residential leases follows.

Reporting and overview: At all times, the customer can be kept up to date with the property management through DEAS' online access. In addition, the customer receives quarterly reporting from DEAS with detailed description of vacant, delinquent conditions and general economic reporting, and, finally, a cumulative description of the return on the portfolio.

Contractual relationship: DEAS has reviewed all contracts to ensure that the conditions are correct, and has secured the client a rent which conforms to the market level.


Via DEAS' various solutions, a perfect match between price and services was found. DEAS is responsible for the basic property management, and the customer is responsible for conducting re-letting, janitor function, operation and maintenance of the properties as well as modernization of leases.


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