H. Schneekloths Vej

The homeowners’ association H. Schneekloths Vej, located in green Frederiksberg, consists of 71 freehold flats and 5 garages. The property was built in 1933 and is approx. 5,500 m2. The association has been under DEAS’ management since July 1, 2013.


The board wanted to replace the roof.


Due to the association's complexity and new challenges, the association no longer felt that the former manager could fulfil the needs that arise in their day-to-day board work.

The board then contacted DEAS, requesting a collaboration partner with the competencies to handle the managerial and financial aspects of the roof replacement.  

The challenge was to perform day-to-day management and manage the building projekt.


Property management Construction management

In 2013, the association entered into agreement on its management and on building project management with DEAS.

Replacement of the roof: The first thing DEAS did was to draft a suggested decision for the general assembly and then to execute it. The construction case turned out to be more complicated than expected and extra work came up. DEAS ensured that an external lawyer was involved. 

During the construction period, DEAS took care of the finances, including budget check-ups and the payment of craftsperson expenses, ensured the owners’ payment of parts of the construction case, and ensured financing by the taking of a shared ownership loan in connection with a delay of the construction case and increased expenses due to extra work.


The construction case of changing the roof was performed and completed in 2015 to the client’s great satisfaction.