Flintholm Company House

Flintholm Company House is a major office property in Copenhagen and is owned by PKA. The property was built in 2012 and holds about 21,000 m2 rented office spaces and 3,000 m2 store leases spread over a total of 18 leases.

PKA Properties I/S


PKA needed to outsource the administration and operation of the property. PKA has more than 200 properties in their portfolio and it is therefore an important criterion, that they can get a comprehensive administrative and operational monitoring and optimizing of their investment. In addition, PKA wanted to be able to follow the economic development of the property.


Adminstration Operation and maintenance Building consultancy

DEAS has been involved from the beginning as technical advisor in the construction phase and beyond to the administration and operation of the property. Our experienced managers and operating staff takes care of all administrative, operational and accounting tasks. At the same time, they ensure that all legal requirements is complied with. 

It is important for DEAS, that our managers and operational staff has an in-depth knowledge of the properties we take care of. That is why we always have a single property manager and operations manager associated with each propertyis who is in contact with the tenants and owners on a daily basis.

All management agreements are tailored to the individual property. The management agreement for Flintholm Company House includes:

  • Rental charges
  • Rent adjustments
  • Invoice processing
  • Consumer accounts
  • Budget to the owners
  • Processing collection letters
  • Participation in tenant committee meetings
  • 10 year maintenance plans
  • Assessment of insurance and service conditions
  • Mapping of rent levels in relation to the market level
  • Idling and arrears report per month
  • Quarterly economics reporting

In addition to the administration and operation of the property, DEAS delivers the reception, canteen and janitor service in the form of DEAS Facility Services. 


Flintholm Company House is managed and operated efficiently with daily contact to the tenants and with a maximized tenant potential. PKA has the full overview of the economic developments via our quarterly reporting.


David Green

Fund Manager
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