Enggaarden Owners' Association is a striking, two-storey yellowbrick building located in Aalborg's quiet and child-friendly Kærby quarter. The property was constructed in 1967 and consists of 39 owner-occupied flats, all with floorspace exceeding 120 m2. DEAS has been the owners' association's administrator since 2008.


A few years ago, the owners' association's maintenance plan stated that the property's windows, main entrance doors and balcony doors needed to be replaced. Even though they were soundly built, the windows and doors had reached an age that made replacement necessary, which was a major task for the owners' association's board. The board needed assistance with financing the project, as well as official approvals, project design, invitations to tender, construction management, insurance, etc. Energy subsidies also had to be applied for.


Maintenance plan Financing Client consulting

Based on the owners' association's requirements, DEAS prepared a quotation for a turnkey solution. Several of DEAS' departments were involved, including building consultancy, energy consulting, legal advice and administration. The project was budgeted at DKK 3,200,000 in total.

The project was approved by the owners at an extraordinary general meeting in January, and the construction work commenced in June, as planned. The actual construction work took approximately three months, with very few complications and within budget, and there was even a surplus of around DKK 100,000.


DEAS' cross-departmental coordination ensured that the owners' association and board gained competent and comprehensive consulting and financing.

Via the preceding invitation to tender, DEAS ensured that the costs of the craftsmen used were competitive, and also a satisfactory quality of craftsmanship, both during the process and subsequently.

DEAS' energy experts ensured that the owners' association achieved a relatively high energy subsidy, and DEAS also handled the financial aspects and established a joint loan at a low interest rate for the owners' association via one of DEAS' banking partners.

As the association had chosen a Premium solution, most of the services were already part of the association's solution, and the rest could be acquired at a discount.


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