Carl Jacobsens Vej

Carl Jacobsens Vej 17 is located in Valby and is owned by PKA. The property was built in 2014 and consists of 76 properties with approx. 1,000 m2 stores on the ground floor with a total of 7,500 m2. The property is part of Copenhagen's new neighbuorhoods, which are shooting up in the old Valby industrial district close to Ny Ellebjerg Station.



In connection with the construction of the property, PKA sought a  techninal building consultant in order to ensure that the chosen solutions were optimized for operation - both in terms of service life of materials and the ease of operating on a daily basis. 

Building consultancy Commissioning First-time letting


DEAS has been responsible for building consultancy since entering into the contract by the purchase of the project forward to a ready to move into building. When DEAS is the technical advisor and at the same time carries out the moving in and the subsequent management, the customer obtains a unique deliverance, where all facets of the project are interlinked. 


In addition to building consultancy and commissioning, DEAS has also been responsible for the marketing and for the first time-letting of the rental dwellings, which resulted in the complete letting of all the dwellings prior to moving in. 

Being involved in all phases of the project, we have provided PKA with a qualified, long-term and life-cycle costing-optimized solution.