The cooperative housing association Birkeskoven was built in 1988 with 27 cooperative housing in dense, low houses and a common house, situated in nice surroundings in Glostrup near Copenhagen. The association has been managed by DEAS since the cooperative housing association was formed, i.e. through an acquisition of the management team that managed A/B Birkeskoven.


The Board of the cooperative housing association wanted a review of the almost 30 year old property as well as a proposal for a renovation project for the building's envelope.

The decision to renovate would then subsequently be adopted by the general assembly, who needed a detailed basis for the decision-making, which DEAS provided.


Property management Technical building consultancy Project management

General consulting: DEAS has many years of experience with building projects and of executing construction projects, as well as with the subsequent need for maintenance. Using this knowledge, DEAS designed a project for the needed renovation which included a replacement of the roof, skylights and gutters as well as painting the windows, doors, etc. 

In addition, DAES drafted impact assessments for residents including cooperative-value assessments.

DEAS presented a motion for a resolution on the cooperative housing association's general assembly in 2015, who approved the project. A long and close cooperation with the association secured a future-proof and a reliable solution that was well suited to this particular property.

In addition, DEAS took care of the necessary approvals and permits in connection with the renovation as well as an efficient management of the construction project. The renovation of the property was carried out on time, and the conversion was completed in 2016.


The property now stands attractive and newly renovated, and in spite of the large building project the housing tax can be lowered by 10%.