The cooperative Bakkelyparken was founded in 1977 and consists of 84 apartments of 36-179 m2. The property is located in the southern part of Aarhus with a 10-minute drive to the heart of Aarhus. The Association has been managed by DEAS since January 1, 2016.


Bakkelyparken had long sought a professional partner with expertise with managing cooperative housing, who also could help the Board solve a wide range of tasks. Due to the coorporation's size and specific challenges, the association no longer felt that the former administrator could meet their needs in the daily Board work. Therefore, Bakkelyparken wanted a collaborator who could meet all their needs. 


Property management DEAS PLUS Personal contact

DEAS started with holding a number of start-up meetings with the Board, so we could get to know the association as soon as possible. There was reached a DEAS PLUS agreement, so the Board could be assured that all of the association's needs were taken care of. Whether there was talk about advice on general matters regarding statutes of association, the association's accounts and budgets, or help to manage house rules violations and general assemblies.

DEAS dealt with the association's issues, which ensured that the Board got clarity on various situations, such as rent increases on two original rental units. In both cases we summed up the situation and put the possibilities forward for the Board, after which they could easily take a position on the handling of the issue. 

In addition to the more basic management services, Bakkelyparken got a solid management team and a personal contact who has a thorough knowledge of the association and its accounts and challenges.


Bakkelyparkens cooperation with DEAS has meant that the Board can spend time making important decisions, and that the daily life in the association will be easier, as it operates stably without surprises.


Jesper Madsen

Foreninger - Vest
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