Amager Strandpark

Amager Beach park is a rental building erected in one of Copenhagen's newer neighborhoods in 2014. The property consists of 185 rental units, 5 commercial leases and an underground parking garage, spread over a total of 18,400 m2.

Lærernes Pension


Lærernes Pension requested that the property was fully leased before use. At the same time, we wanted to give tenants a good experience with moving in, by ensuring that they had neighbours in and around their new housing. The client needed a professional partner with the capacity to handle approximately 190 individuals moving in on the same day. 


Requirement for a fully leased property from day 1: DEAS has been responsible for leasing and operation since the property was constructed. This was DAES’ first major letting case for Lærernes Pension, and it was resolved to the customer's complete satisfaction. All homes were leased before the building was handed over, and they were assisted during the moving in process.

The desire for a market-based rent:
DEAS is experienced in leases that allow market rents.


Fully leased property The appropriate rent level Managing the moving in process

An accurate rent: DEAS helped set the appropriate rent level – low enough to ensure full occupancy and high enough to ensure a reasonable repayment.

An attractive place:
The project needed to be branded, which happened with the assistance from DEAS, who developed the material that was to ensure an optimal rental process. 

A painless moving in:
DEAS Facility Services ensured that approximately 190 tenants could move in at the same time. The experience and knowledge to accomplish such a task, lies in the department with more than 3,500 annual move-ins. DEAS took care of all legislative requirements, so that the customer was assured that all formalities were in place when moving in.


Customer satisfaction with the rental was high, and DEAS has handled renting and operation of Lærernes Pension’s new buildings since.