Precautionary measures regarding corona virus/COVID-19

We continue to experience a serious increase in confirmed COVID-19 infected people in Denmark.

Updated: September 21

New restrictions have been introduced which, among other restrictions, make several people work from home. 

Therefore we must help each other and continue to show consideration and understanding for fellow tenants and residents.

As always, we are ready to provide you with good service

We will do our very best to ensure that you experience a good service despite the current situation regarding COVID-19. We have the setup in place to serve you by phone and email in all situations.

If you have any questions, please click and find the phone number and email address for your property manager.

Opening hours at our service center

You can call our service center on all working days from 7 am to 7 pm on tel. +45 70 30 20 20

Inspections prior to vacating and moving in

If you have an appointment regarding an inspection prior to you vacating og moving in to your appartment, we will adhere to the original agreement. If it becomes necessary to postpone the inspection, you will of course hear from us in advance. 

Stay informed

We do our best to keep you updated and ask you to follow us here at, at our Facebook page (in Danish) or our LinkedIn profile (in Danish).

You are always welcome to contact us by phone or mail.  

We keep our distance out of respect

You will find that our caretakers and other staff keep a proper distance and avoid physical contact. But we still appreciate a smile.

Delays in construction work

If you live in a building that is being renovated, you may find that construction work is being put on hold, in whole or in part. It is also possible that re-letting etc. is delayed. In those cases, of course, we will directly address the affected tenants. 

Do you have questions about corona or are you feeling unsafe?

Find more information at The Danish Health Authority (in English) or call the authorities' hotline at tel. +45 70 20 02 33 (in Danish).