Property administrator - residential

A property manager’s tasks involve everything necessary to make management run smoothly, such as the collection and accounting of rent, preparation of notifications, implementation of rent regulations, handling of terminations and drafting of lease contracts, participation in meetings with resident missions, preparation of operational and heating accounts, etc. A significant portion of the property manager's job also consists of maintaining contact with tenants who have enquiries about things like their tenancies. A property manager also works in a team of colleagues from DEAS, together ensuring that the agreed-upon tasks are performed to the satisfaction of both clients and tenants.

Qualifications expected in a property manager:

  • either training as property manager or a background as an accountant, legal secretary, real estate agent, financial advisor etc.

  • a thorough understanding of finances and experience with numbers and balances

  • outgoing, responsible and works well in contact with many different people

  • prepared for teamwork and for assisting colleagues when necessary.

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