Project manager - projects

The project manager is responsible for the implementation of building projects, from the initial contact to the client, any decisions made at general meetings, to tendering and implementation. This means implementing operation and maintenance tasks, project development, project engineering, budgeting, planning, and management of major maintenance tasks. The tasks are performed in close cooperation and dialogue with clients, partners and colleagues within DEAS. Strong emphasis is placed on project managers’ staying updated within their areas of expertise, and contributing to and challenging colleagues and clients.

Qualifications DEAS expects in a project manager:

  • Training as a architectural and construction manager or an engineer, preferably with experience as a craftsman

  • wide knowledge of building technology as well as experience in construction management

  • good at collaboration, and with strong oral and written communication skills

  • experience in project engineering for small and large scale projects

  • structured and strategic approach to tasks

  • practical and solution-oriented

  • skills in digital design are a plus