Project manager - energy and indoor climate

Technical project managers are responsible for advising and project engineering concerning technical improvements of residential and commercial properties.

The post involves working with energy projects of electro-technological nature, and the tasks’ main focuses lie in the disciplines of BMS-installation, lighting installation and other electrical installations such as solar cells. A recurring task is assisting colleagues working in building consultancy with the renovation and rebuilding of shopping centres, as well as the interior design of new commercial leases.

All technical project managers and energy engineers perform energy operations at an appropriate portfolio of properties as a part of their jobs. This means that they have energy management and energy regulation tasks for a small group of properties in addition to the development tasks.

Qualifications DEAS expects in a project leader in the field of energy and indoor climate:

  • Trained plumbing engineer, energy technologist, plumbing-technician, electrical engineer, technology management engineer or electrician

  • Experience in project engineering of water and heating-installation or experience in project engineering of electrical installations, such as lighting – BMS and solar cells

  • Used to working independently as project manager and managing their own projects from start to finish, while simultaneously managing other team members.

  • Adept at prioritising the key points – time, quality and economy

  • Focuses on creating solutions that will create value for the client.

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