As an intern at DEAS you will be assigned to a single department, but will also be introduced to the other departments of the house during the internship. This gives insight into the way we collaborate internally to meet clients’ needs.

We make detailed plans for the entire period of interns’ stay, which we share prior to the start of the internship.

Depending on the area the internship is in, you will be assigned a DEAS employee who will be your learning and discussion partner. As an intern, it is expected that you help to perform real tasks from day one.

The application deadline for internships during the following spring is typically at the end of September, and the application deadline for internships during the following autumn is at the end of February.

Property management

Examples of a property management intern’s tasks:

  • Receiving and distributing mail

  • Transcripting and balancing several accounts

  • Helping to prepare material for the auditing of properties

  • Looking things up in the Central Person Register (CPR)

  • Participating in the preparation of consumption accounts

  • Participating in the review of arrears lists

  • Participating in day-to-day accounting and checking of invoices

  • Insight into the processes of quality assurance and client orientation.

Learning objectives:

  • DEAS' ethical standards in customer service

  • Properties’ annual cycles

  • Electronic document management

  • The structure of DEAS’ and of specific departments

  • Knowledge of all DEAS' services

  • Detailed knowledge of DEAS' basic products and the associated work processes

  • Insight into different types of tasks and functions at DEAS.


Examples of tasks in renovation of commercial leases, apartments and residential properties:

  • Project engineering

  • Supervision

  • Design work

Learning objectives:

  • Insight into companies’ requirements and expectations of constructors’ knowledge, skills and work attitudes

  • Experiencing an architectural and construction manager’s work day and tasks over an extended period of time

  • Working with construction tasks in practice

  • Trying out knowledge and skills learned in training in practice

  • Acquiring experience with other approaches, work methods and tools for solving practical construction tasks

  • Gaining ideas for a thesis subject and for where to find relevent information

  • Gaining ideas for a graduation project and a possible basis for a bachelor project.

Facility services/operations

As an intern in facility services/operation, you can work in various fields such as:

  • Space management: workplace layout and new work forms, reshuffles/moves with the corresponding planning and management efforts.      

  • Facility services: ongoing operation and management of facility service tasks, including planning and executing major project-oriented tasks in moving in and starting operations. You also take part in the planning of internal service organisation.

  • Operational real estate operation: internal maintenance. You are responsible for the preparation of operation and maintenance plans.

  • Sales work: participation in client meetings, presentation of the business concept, participation by measurement and assessment of the extent of specific service tasks.

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