Development consultant - IT

A consultant in the development team in the IT department at DEAS must have a relevant higher education diploma combined with a minimum of five years’ experience as an IT project manager or in the development of IT business systems. The development consultant is responsible for operating development projects, including preparing project descriptions, schedules, business cases, settings, reports etc. They also stipulate, test and implement IT solutions as either project leader or participant, just as it is important that they ensure that projects are completed within the desired budget and framework.

The development consultant also has a solid understanding of business and basic knowledge of its IT-related opportunities, since they must ensure that business’ needs are met in the best possible way.

A development consultant is in contact with employees throughout the organisation and ensures that everyone's interests are recognised while guaranteeing that solutions contribute to the development of business.

A development consultant is responsible for:

  • facilitating pre-analysis with the business in order to identify possible needs for IT solutions to enhance service and efficiency

  • stipulating solutions and preparing business cases in collaboration with the business

  • operating IT projects, from analysis and design to deployment and operation

  • ensuring that projects and tasks are documented, tested and delivered according to DEAS' standards

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