A caretaker looks after one or more properties, and takes care of the practical part of the real estate operation, among other things. This often entails maintaining the cleanliness of the property's outdoors and common areas, preventing roads from becoming slippery, mowing the lawn, supervising communal laundry, taking care of the property's heating, minor repairs and maintenance tasks, as well as supervising of ventilation systems and elevators.

In many cases it is also the caretaker's job to carry out property checks on residents’ moving in and moving out.

The caretaker also has day-to-day contact with residents and helps to maintain peace and order.

The property operation is undertaken in close cooperation with the operations manager and property manager, as well as with external suppliers such as craftsmen in connection with the reparation of leases.

The tasks within the job are very versatile, and qualifications will therefore vary greatly. As janitor, however, it is important to have:

  • 3-5 years of experience in a similar post
  • a background in craftsmanship (joiner, carpenter, plumber or electrician)
  • good IT skills
  • experience and comfort with working independently
  • a positive attitude and being service-oriented.

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