Asset manager

An asset manager participates in a dynamic team characterised by a high degree of professionalism. Expected qualifications include training as MSc, MSc finance, M.econ., cand.polit. or similar, supplemented by a minimum of five years’ working experience in a post with similar duties.

An asset manager is responsible for the proactive management and operational optimisation of clients’ portfolios of commercial and residential properties. They work in close cooperation with DEAS' senior management and central departments on a daily basis, acting as coordinator and liaison between departments and to the client. This means the quality of the material delivered must be of a high standard.

The tasks involved are varied and include among others things:

  • organisation and management of optimisation and development initiatives

  • monitoring of financing conditions and contact to funders

  • ongoing reporting to and communicating with the Danish or foreign owner

  • management and optimisation of continuous operation and maintenance

  • entering of contracts with external suppliers

  • organisation and management of sales activities

  • participation in negotiations with clients, suppliers etc.

  • responsibility for corporate management, including account reporting etc.

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