Sustainability at DEAS

DEAS aims to lead the way in the sustainable transformation of property management and run a sustainable business with a positive impact on communities, people and the environment – together with our customers and tenants. That’s our vision. We have chosen three strategic focus areas where we believe we can do the most good.

Our focus areas make a lot of sense for us and our business while also aligning with five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Focus area 1: We have resources in focus


We want to inspire customers and tenants towards more resource-conscious and eco- and climate-friendly behaviour and actively make a difference ourselves.

  • We aim to do this in part by working with our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • We will require our suppliers, partners and employees to increase sustainable solutions and reduce resource usage and waste.
  • And we will guide our customers and tenants towards more eco-conscious behaviour and contribute to waste and recycling solutions.

Focus area 2: We prioritise the good life


DEAS aims to support good living and contribute to a safe, secure and healthy environment in the homes, businesses and workplaces we are responsible for.

  • We will do this by focusing on a safe and healthy environment in and around the properties.
  • We aim to inspire our customers and tenants to create homes and workplaces with good lighting, sound and air conditions.
  • And we will guide our customers and tenants in designing outdoor areas that support physical and mental health and well-being.

Focus area 3: We are an active social player


DEAS aims to contribute to a sustainable transformation of society and engage with the local community.

  • We will therefore contribute our insights, knowledge and experience in research and partnerships that promote sustainable property management.
  • And we will work with our customers to stimulate local businesses and associations, so that we contribute to the local community and cohesion.


Kristian Slaarup Kongstad

Technical Building Consultancy
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