At DEAS we work continuously to be a modern, customer-oriented service company – also in terms of how we produce and deliver our services.

This means that we work in dedicated teams of six-seven employees.

Each property are still linked to a team of employees, who are each responsible for a specific element of the delivery, but we split the actual tasks between several members of the team, so they are handled as quickly and effectively as possible. 

The ambition is to give you:

  • Stronger customer service
  • Shorter response times
  • Increased quality.

From fixed administrator to fixed team

You will have a fixed contact person and property manager. Yet we all share responsibility, so the other members of the team will also be able to help you and answer your questions.

High quality

DEAS' quality management system, which was ISO 9001:2015-certified in September 2016, ensures both customers and tenants high quality and uniform service deliveries. Read about DEAS' quality policy and ISO certification.

DEAS is ISO certified

This ensures our customers a high quality and consistent service delivery. 

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