PenSam entering into new partnership on real estate asset management

Press release: PenSam, DEAS Asset Management and Fokus Asset Management have just entered into a partnership on the management of PenSam’s Danish real estate portfolio. The partnership will optimise both asset management and property management.

We’ve made a strategic decision to increase our Danish real estate investments. As part of implementing this strategy, we’re focusing more on our investment activities, while the optimisation part is handled in cooperation with external partners,

says Carsten Gröhn, Head of Private Capital and Real Assets at PenSam.

 Carsten Gröhn, Head of Private Capital and Real Assets, PenSam

PenSam’s total real estate portfolio in Denmark totals DKK 7-8 billion, comprising approx. 70% residential property and 30% commercial property.

As regards the residential portfolio, the partnership will primarily involve DEAS Asset Management, while Fokus Asset Management will focus on most of the commercial real estate portfolio.

New partnership to optimise returns on real estate portfolio

At PenSam, we’re highly committed to ensuring attractive pensions for our 430,000 pension customers. And one of our core tasks in this respect is optimising our returns. We believe it requires external partners with the right core competences and volume to ensure success,

says Carsten Gröhn.

DEAS Asset Management and Fokus Asset Management will provide asset management and property management services. They will ensure efficient and stable operations and management while providing professional asset management and consultancy to inform PenSam’s decision-making.

PenSam wants to work with experts who provide us with horizontal and vertical scalability. This demands the right professional, technical, legal, financial and investment competences,

explains Carsten Gröhn.

Published 21. September 2020


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