DEAS has formally completed the acquisition of Nordea Ejendomme

The DEAS acquisition of the property management company Nordea Ejendomme, which was published on 28 August 2018, is now a reality. The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has approved the transaction and the parties have completed the formal acquisition (closing).

We want to offer customers and the market a business partner with a clear focus on increasing portfolio value as well as a partner who can execute professionally across the value chain in property management. From active asset management to classic property management to daily operational tasks,

says Henrik Dahl Jeppesen, CEO of the DEAS Group.

A perfect match

With the deal, DEAS welcomes a number of institutional investors with a total property portfolio of approximately DKK 25 billion distributed across approximately 2,700 office, store and warehouse leases and approximately 1,350 residential leases.

The new customers will be serviced in the future by DEAS Asset Management A/S, which will be increasing its service offering and adding more skilled employees.

Benny Buchardt Andersen assumed the CEO role for the asset management business in September, and has since prepared the integration with Nordea Ejendomme, including recruiting several additional qualified employees for DEAS Asset Management.

Benny is now formally entering the position of director of Nordea Ejendomme, and Palle Gyldenløve is transferring to a role as senior consultant as planned. For a period of time the companies will work separately, but we have started the integration and the plans for relocation, etc.,

says Henrik Dahl Jeppesen.

Supporting market needs

The market for asset management is expected to grow on average 10-15% over the next five years.

And investors’ needs have changed significantly over the past 10 years with an increased professionalisation – driven among other things by an increasing transaction volume and international presence in Denmark.

We are experiencing an increased demand for professional asset managers who can document and optimise the portfolio’s value and offer services such as portfolio management, investment management and sourcing. As a result, we are now strengthening DEAS Asset Management with Nordea Ejendomme as a platform,

says Benny Buchardt Andersen, CEO of DEAS Asset Management.

Published 29. November 2018


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