DEAS Asset Management rearms: Brings in experienced financier to lead the company

Benny Buchardt Andersen takes the helm of DEAS Asset Management. He wants to realise the ambition of becoming Denmark's best asset manager.

Benny Buchardt Andersen, a former director of PenSam and most recently associated with Greystone, is selected as the new CEO of DEAS Asset Management A/S. He will lead the company in close partnership with the experienced property professional Kim Nielsen, who has been director of DEAS Asset Management since the summer of 2017.

Our ambitions are towering and we are now putting a strong and ambitious leadership team in place at DEAS Asset Management. I am convinced that with Benny Buchardt Andersen at the helm, we will achieve our goals. He is an extremely competent professional with extensive experience from the financial sector,

says Henrik Dahl Jeppesen, CEO of the DEAS Group.

Last week, it was announced that the DEAS Group is taking over Nordea Ejendomme. The acquisition of Nordea Ejendomme is a significant step towards becoming the preferred partner in the growing asset management market.

In DEAS, we see property asset management and property management as two specialised services that require different skills and deliveries in the customer's value chain. DEAS is currently one of Denmark's leading property managers and we have set ourselves the goal of becoming the preferred asset manager in Denmark. This requires that we further develop a competitive and efficient set-up to match market demand within both asset management and property management,

says Henrik Dahl Jeppesen.

All services are being ratcheted up

DEAS Asset Management welcomes a number of new colleagues from Nordea Ejendomme during 2018, and at the same time, recruitment of several talented specialists for the new asset management team is underway.

DEAS Asset Management has a huge potential, which we are now going to start realising. I am looking forward to putting the team together with Kim Nielsen. The plan is that, within a few months, we will have the very best talents and profiles in our asset management team, which together will help generate results and success for our customers,

says Benny Buchardt Andersen, CEO of DEAS Asset Management.

The goal is to be able to offer all services within active property management - sourcing, asset management, investment support and investment risk management as well as offering new and better reporting.

By combining forces with Nordea Ejendomme, we strengthen the overall value proposition for our customers and the market. And the timing is perfect as the asset management market is growing,

says Kim Nielsen, COO of DEAS Asset Management.

With the acquisition of Nordea Ejendomme, DEAS Asset Management has responsibility for a total portfolio of around DKK 27 billion.

Benny Buchardt Andersen joins the company on Monday 10 September 2018.

Published 05. September 2018


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